Policy Brief Series

CARISMA D7.1 How should international institutions promote research and innovation technologies collaboration for climate change mitigation (May 2017)

This policy brief provides guidance and recommendations to international institutions on how to get involved in climate change mitigation collaboration projects around research and innovation. It does so by looking closely at experiences of past and current research and innovation collaborations in the field of climate change mitigation.

The information in this Policy Brief relies on a more extensive background report.

CARISMA D7.2 Government-led international research and innovation collaboration in climate mitigation: Practical guidance for policy makers (May 2017)

As collaborative research and innovation (R&I) initiatives have the potential to advance climate technology transfer across borders, in particular in developing countries, European governments have put in place various initiatives to facilitate deployment of climate technologies. In the CARISMA project, such initiatives were mapped in a background report, and discussed in a workshop involving stakeholders from government, industry, academia and international organisations. 

The information in this Policy Brief relies on a more extensive background report.

CARISMA Policy Brief "Outsourcing and Offshoring R&D in Green Technology to Emerging Economies" (August 2016)

Research and development (R&D) in new low-emission technologies is increasingly taking place on a global scale. This policy brief present findings from ongoing research conducted by the UNEP DTU Partnership (UDP)on the globalization of R&D in green technology as part of the CARISMA project.

CARISMA Commentaries Issue 1 - Reviewing Implementation under the Paris Agreement (February 2016)

With the emergence of a system of voluntary pledges by countries from the Paris Agreement, attention will soon shift to the ‘review’ part of ‘pledge and review’. This commentary discusses the types of review included in the Paris Agreement and highlights evaluation and assessment of climate policies and their implementation.


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