Τhe CARISMA project objectives are to achieve the following:

  • Improved identification of priorities for research and innovation on climate change mitigation options.
  • Improved coordination of research and innovation in climate change mitigation-related programmes and projects, including those on climate change mitigation policy and governance.
  • Greater awareness and understanding among policymakers of relevant attributes, features and economic, environmental, social and ethical implications of existing and new climate change actions, including technologies, practices, policies and measures in EU Member States, Associated Countries and beyond.
  • Improved and context-relevant decision-making on climate change mitigation policies that leads to greater investment certainty in the private sector for climate change mitigation options and greater risks for climate-harmful investments.
  • Recognition and improved understanding of the contextual factors relevant to realising climate change mitigation options.
  • Identification and analysis of opportunities to strengthen European engagement in international research and innovation collaboration, policy diffusion and market creation for climate mitigation technologies.

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