Expected results

The major outputs and expected impacts of CARISMA project are the following, per main target audience:

  • The public sector: more evidence-based policy for implementation of the EU 2050 Roadmap5 and relevant initiatives through improved dissemination of key research findings. In particular, improved and more appropriate decisions on research and innovation of climate change mitigation options. In general, more cost-effective management and planning. 
  • Business and Industry: enhanced impact of climate change mitigation R&I activities. Improved competitiveness. cost-effective management, planning and adaptation decisions, and improved assistance and clearer vision for a transformation to a sustainable and resilient industry base in the EU.
  • Research community: better coordination of relevant research and innovation in the EU, including cooperation with the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT).
  • Science funders and innovation decision-makers: better identification of climate change R&I priorities, improved coordination of EU, Member States' research and innovation programmes and funded activities. Enhanced impact of research and innovation activities through, and synergies with international research and innovation programmes and actions.
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